Rinnai Tankless Water Heater (TWH) Flush & Annual PM Service

Orion Propane Services (OPS) offers Annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services for their Rinnai Tankless Water Heater customers (All models included.). This yearly service is sanctioned and recommended by Rinnai. The vinegar flush helps eliminate minerals that can impede water flow and affect the taste of the water passing through. Cleaning the heat exchanger removes any calcium build-up, dirt particles, insects and leaves drawn in through the outside air intake. Inspection of the exhaust allows obstructions to be cleared and ensuring a secure fit. What does OPS do for you that the others don’t and what’s so unique about OPS’s Annual PM Services?
OPS will notify you when your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater is due for annual PM Service, leaving you free of the task of keeping your own schedule and trying to remember to call for an appointment.
OPS, unlike most other PM Service providers, does a complete and thorough check and testing of the ENTIRE LPG system in your home. This step includes proper LPG supply pressure testing and LPG operation pressure testing and adjustments, plus leak testing throughout the LPG.


$135 includes; (4) gallon vinegar flush for 40-60 minutes, complete cleaning of heat exchanger, cleaning of igniter electrodes cleaning (or replacement if needed), vent inspection for debris and secured fit, *water filter screen cleaning, interior water leak inspection, LPG system Inspection/LPG testing (Leaks & Proper Volume), LPG connective piping painting (if originally installed by Orion Propane Services.

Important Note: The vinegar flush portion of this service is only effective on Rinnai Tankless Water Heater units installed with hot/cold water isolation valve systems. These isolation valve systems are included with all Rinnai TWH models since 2014. Most Rinnai TWH units installed before 2014 have isolation valve systems bought separately. In the event that a Rinnai TWH unit does not have an isolation valve system, only the vinegar flush portion of the service is not possible. All other features of the Annual PM Service are still available.

* Cleaning of the water filter screen pertains only to the water screen installed on the Rinnai TWH unit directly, or attached isolation valve system. This does not include any water treatment system filters, or water neutralizing filters, or parts of said systems.

Multiple LPG appliance Annual PM Service discounts are available! Just ask!