LPG Lights - A Thing of the Past?

When you mention LPG, or propane gas lights, most people imagine rustic, remote camps and cabins from the 1940’s with no electrical power for lighting. That antiquated impression is valid, but not exclusive. Using LPG lighting in the 21st century makes perfect sense for many reasons. 

LPG Lights- 
*  Are a reliable source of lighting that is safe to use, inexpensive to purchase and operate, and even provides heat! (A single LPG light can produce as much as 2000 to 4000 BTU’s of heat.)
*  Are a low volume user of propane. (A single LPG light can run 20 to 30 hours on (1) gallon of propane product.)
* Are available in luminosity ranging from 70 to 100 watt, in comparison to conventional & LED light bulbs.
* Come in a wide range of styles, making them suitable for the modern home or get-a-way cottage. 
* Use absolutely NO electricity to operate making them perfect when the power goes out and you need to see...and stay warm.

Question:  I have a generator, why would I need LPG lights?
Answer:  LPG lights give you the option to still have light without running your loud, expensive, fuel hungry propane generator all evening.

Contact OPS to learn about your options for installing and using LPG lights, whether it’s for your newly constructed home, existing finished house, or the family retreat

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