Who Wouldn't Love A Grill Box?

Let's start by asking how much fun is it when you are grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, and vegetables on your deck with 20 hungry guests waiting and your little 20 lb. LPG tank under your grill goes dry? Or, how aggravating is it to begin lighting your grill, only to find that before you can eat, you have disconnect the LP tank, lug it to the car, go to town and swap out your empty grill tank for a full one? Oh, and of course don't forget the warm feeling you get when you realize while your finally cooking on your grill, the LPG you're burning costs 3-4 times more per gallon than the LPG sitting in the large LP tank that supplies the rest of your house with propane and is sitting only few feet away.  

Having Orion Propane Services install a Grill Box/w 3 hr. Timer is exactly what you need to avoid all of these problems. The Grill Box can be mounted to your deck, or building. It comes with a flexible LPG hose that attaches to your grill and also gives you the ability to move the grill location. The 3 hour timer prevents the grill box from staying on for extended periods of time and wasting LPG in the event you forget to shut off your grill. This is a must have for those who enjoy outdoor grilling and to end the interruption of an empty 20 lb. tank and start the savings by drawing from your existing house LPG system. This is a great gift for those who love to grill!

LPG Grill Boxes w/ Timer are also excellent for use with LPG Mosquito Traps/Killers, Outdoor  LPG Patio Heaters, small portable LPG emergency generators, or any other movable LPG appliance. 

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