Generac/Honeywell LPG Emergency Standby Generator Sales

Orion Propane Services is a proud dealer of both Generac and Honeywell propane Emergency Standby Generators. OPS will handle the entire process of installation including sales, electrical installation, and propane connection, and service after the sale. Complete system with one-stop shopping!

OPS will happily install LPG supply systems to ANY BRAND of LPG generator! Even generators NOT sold by us!

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Generac/Honeywell LPG Emergency Generator Annual PM Service

Orion Propane Services (OPS) offers Annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services for Generac/Honeywell LPG generator customers (Air cooled units. Sizes 7KW thru 22KW). Yearly PM Services are highly recommended by Generac to be performed by a certified Generac technician. What does OPS do for you?

NOTIFICATION - OPS notifies you when your Generac/Honeywell LPG generator is due for annual PM Service, leaving you free of the task of keeping your own schedule and trying to remember to call for an appointment.  

COMPLETE CHECK - OPS does a complete and thorough check, unlike most other PM Service providers. This includes testing, and maintenance of the LPG system from the LP tank(s) to the LPG generator. We also perform proper LPG supply pressure testing and LPG operation pressure testing and adjustments, plus leak testing for your entire LPG system (ALL piping connected to the same tank(s) as the generator).  

PAINTING - OPS also re-paints the LPG piping for weather protection with every annual PM Service. 


$185 includes; oil change, air filter, plugs, valve inspection, charging system, battery testing, LPG system Inspection/LPG testing (Leaks & Proper Volume)/LPG connective piping painting.

There is an added $40 if the valves need to be adjusted. The valves normally need to be adjusted after every 200 hours of run time has been clocked on the unit.

Important Note: OPS does not perform any annual PM services between mid-October and April 1st due to the weather conditions and the busy heating season turmoil. If you have had new Generac LPG generator installed, or if you have had your existing Generac LPG generator serviced within the aforementioned time frame, we would like to perform a "one time early” annual PM service in the upcoming spring/summer months, then keep your generator on its yearly annual PM service from that point year after year.