Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant LP Appliance Start-Up Service

Orion Propane Services (OPS) offers a unique service to their commercial kitchen and restaurant clients, open both seasonal and year round. Let OPS come in at the start of the busy summer season to fire up and inspect your LPG equipment for you. OPS will make sure all of the necessary LPG adjustments are done and will also test of the LPG appliances, including the entire LPG system, to help ensure an efficient and safe workplace.


$135 includes: LPG Appliance Firing and Inspection, *LPG Appliance Pilot & Burner Cleaning, LPG System Pressure Testing and Leak Check, LPG Flow & Lock Up Testing.

Important Note: The cost for LPG Appliance Start-Up Service does not include any failed parts, or replacement parts that may be encountered during this service.

If you are planning a commercial kitchen remodel, upgrade, or starting from scratch let Orion Propane Services help you get the most from your LPG needs. Having installed many commercial kitchen LPG manifolds and LPG appliances over the years, OPS can build and install state of the art LPG manifold that will allow your LPG appliances to work at their full capacity and not waste a single BTU!