LPG Appliance Cleaning & Annual PM Service

Orion Propane Services (OPS) offers Annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services for nearly ALL BRANDS of LPG appliances out there today. Most LPG appliances do not require yearly PM Servicing to clean normally clean emission produce by propane and natural gas fired equipment. However, the yearly inspect of the LPG system connected to any LPG appliance is worth the time and money to have checked for performance and possible leaks. LPG Appliance Annual PM Service applies to: LPG Boilers (Unit Only), LPG Furnaces, LPG Space Heaters (Vented, or Vent Free), LPG Fireplaces (Stand Alone, or Inserts), LPG Pool Heaters, LPG Water Heaters (Tanked Units), LPG Commercial Kitchen Equipment.
► OPS will notify you when your Annual PM Service is due, leaving you free of the task of keeping your own schedule and trying to remember to call for an appointment.  
► OPS, unlike most other PM Service providers, does a complete and thorough check and testing of the ENTIRE LPG system in your home. This step includes proper LPG supply pressure testing and LPG operation pressure testing and adjustments, plus leak testing throughout the LPG.


$85 includes: Opening and inspection of heat exchanger, brushing and vacuuming heat exchanger (if necessary), inspection of venting for leaks and cross contamination, cleaning and inspection of condensate system (if applicable), cleaning igniters (if applicable), LPG leak testing (includes entire LPG system), LPG flow and lock up testing, visual inspection of hydronic piping for signs of leaks and seepage.

Important Note: OPS does not perform any annual PM services on PRIMARY HEATING UNITS between mid-October and April 1st due to the outside risk of failure to the primary heating source, hence creating an emergency heating situation. Secondary heating and all other LPG units can be serviced as early as March 1st and as late as October 31st. However, waiting for spring, or summer for any PM Service is always recommended and greatly appreciated.

Multiple LPG appliance Annual PM Service discounts are available! Just ask!